Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Visit our Dairy Farm this Fall

Fall is a wonderful time to visit a farm! We have four events happening on our farm in September and October that are open to the public. Come on down to the farm to meet our cows and check out the progress of our new milk bottling plant.

Cow Tales Adventures
Dates: September 17 and October 2
Time: 10am – 12pm
Special Instructions: This event is specifically for children 5 & under with a caregiver. Plan to arrive by 10am and be at the farm until 12pm to take part in all of the activities. Includes a cheese snack.
Cost: $6/person (12 months & under are free)   

Dates: September 28 and October 12
Time: 1pm – 5pm
Description: This event is open to all ages. All the activities are going on the entire time we're open. Come and go anytime.
Cost: $6/person (1 years-old & under are free)  

Cow Tales & Dairy Days include;
  • Guided tour of the milking parlor to watch the cows being milked
  • Visit to the calf area where you can pet and interact with calves
  • Wagon ride tour of the farm to see where the cows live
  • Rides for children on the Chugga Chugga Moo Moo train  
  • Time to play on the farm-themed outdoor playground, pedal tractors & corn box
  • Indoor Junior Dairyman play area with farm themed toys
  • Cow Craft activity
  • Great photo opportunities!
Some of these activities are outdoors and some are inside. The events will go on rain or shine, we recommend wearing boots or old shoes. Please be prepared to pay with cash or check, we are not able to process credit cards. No reservations required.

Our farm is also available for scheduled group tours or parties in September and October. For more information, check out the Hastings Dairy website.  

Here are some scenes from previous Cow Tales Adventures & Dairy Days events:

Kids love riding the Chugga Chugga Moo Moo train
Watching the cows milking from the observation balcony
Watching the cows in the milking parlor
Taking a wagon ride around the farm
A favorite activity; petting the calves
Playing in the corn box
Building a log barn in the Parlor room
Fun in the giant sandbox
Families enjoying a picnic on the playground
See our new milk bottling plant; we'll be selling milk soon!
See you down on the farm!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

County Fair Time!

My sons took dairy cattle to the county fair last week. They spent lots of time working with their animals over the summer; brushing them, teaching them to walk with a halter, clipping them, etc. After all the preparation, it's very exciting taking the animals to the fair! They looked so nice and did well adjusting to being away from home. It was a fun-filled five days. . . .

Garrett and Jack spent lots of time at the farm preparing their animals for fair
The boys give their animals a hair cut to make them look nice for the fair
The Geauga Dairymen 4-H Club display looked nice
Club Leader, Emma, helps Garrett groom Vanessa in preparation for the show
Garrett and Jack are ready to head into the show ring
Lad looks over Garrett's heifer, Vanessa, before he goes in to show
The Judge talks with Garrett during Showmanship
Garrett had two heifers competing for Jr Champion; his fellow 4-H member, Vince, leads Vanessa
Vanessa won Reserve Jr Champion at the 4-H Show!
Jack leads Daisy around the show ring - it was his first time showing and he did great!
Paul, Jack and Vince showing heifers from our farm
Thanks to Cherokee Demolition for purchasing the club's Dairy Basket
Jack relaxes with Daisy
When the dairy show is over, it's time time relax a little and have some fun. . . .

The men chat while on barn duty
They had a blast playing in the hay - Jack likes to be the life of the party
Joking around with Shock Gum
Good friends
Jack brings his heifer out to show classmates and teachers from his school
Jack showing Daisy to his friend, Anna
Garrett and the other club members help a neighbor milk his cows one evening
Jack on his favorite ride; the YoYo
Jack bungee jumps with his buddy Louie

I serve on the local Farm Bureau board, so I worked at the display tent during the fair. . .
Kids loved milking the cow!
The combine at the Farm Bureau display is a big hit!
Being involved in 4-H and participating in the fair is a great experience for young people. They learn about caring for animals, responsibility, teamwork, and develop friendships. They also have the opportunity to share information about dairy farming with the public. Many people stop to ask questions about the dairy animals during the fair. It's great to talk with others and share the story of dairy farming.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The County Fair – Generations of Showing Cattle

This week is The Great Geauga County Fair. My sons will be exhibiting some dairy heifers at the fair. They look forward to the fair every year, just like I did when I was younger. It takes hard work to get the animals ready, but it’s all worth it to show them off and spend the week at the fair!

Our families have been showing dairy cattle at the county fair for generations. . . .

Me showing at the Tulare County Fair in 1982
My husband, Lad, at the Wayne County Fair
My mom, Carolyn, with Judy who was Jr Champion Guernsey at the Sacramento Co. Fair
My dad, Tony, (3rd from right) showing with Riverdale FFA
Lad's mom, Pat, won 1st in Showmanship with Peppy in August 1962
Lad's dad, Duane, with Comet who was Jr Champion at Wayne County Fair in 1954
My sons are carrying on the family tradition. Check back a week or two to see pictures and results from the fair.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summertime on the Farm

My family is having an active summer. It's been cooler than normal, which the cows like. My sons have been busy working with the animals they'll show at the County Fair at the end of August. We've had lots of cows calving this summer, so the boys like to check the maternity pen to see if any cows are getting ready to calve.

Here are some images of from our farm over the last few weeks. . . .
Garrett, Jack and Lad have a chat
A favorite cow, Chumey, with Jack
Curious cows take a drink after being milked
Lad spraying flies in the barn
A great grandma cow, she's 12 years-old and doing well in the herd!
There have been lots of births at the farm over the last few months.
Jack with his calf, Daisy
Jack shows Daisy to Grandma Pat
Garrett working with Lucy, one of the heifers he will show at the Fair in a few weeks
My parents, Tony and Carolyn, with Jack, Garrett and Lilly
Jack with farm kitty Sophie
The boys help me measure our growing corn

Garrett in our Sudan grass crop
My family enjoys showing visitors around the farm

The boys found a turtle, frogs, and tadpoles in the pond on our farm
We had some fun off the farm too. . . .
The boys on the Chagrin River
Fun at the water park
We love going to Lake Erie!
It's hard to believe school will be starting soon and fall is around the corner. We're savoring every moment of summer!
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