Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fun on the Farm

Growing up on a farm is a great lifestyle for families. Being a farmer takes long hours of hard work but also provides unique opportunities for family fun.

It's lots of fun to play in the feed . . . .
Our son Jack playing in the feed

My husband, Lad, playing in the feed when he was a little boy
Our son Garrett making a fort with straw bales

Our farm provides a variety of recreational activities . . . . .
Jack, Garrett and Lad caught the "big one" in our pond
Jack chases butterflies by the pond
Driving through the woods
Stopped along the way to pick berries

The fall corn crop creates a whole new set games to play . . . .
Garrett and Jack play hide-n-seek in the corn
The boys like to pick and collect ears of corn

The animals provide a great source of joy as well . . . . .
Jack having fun with the calves

Cows and calves aren't the only animals on our farm . . . .
Our barn cats relax in the sunshine

I'm grateful I have the opportunity to live and raise my family on our farm.

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  1. We love our days on the farm! Working and playing...


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