Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Legacy of Duane Hastings

One of the perks of dairy farming is the opportunity to work with family. My husband, Lad, and I grew up in the dairy industry which has shaped who we are today. This week Lad’s father, Duane Hastings, will celebrate his 75th birthday. This post is dedicated to Duane. 

Duane with his brothers, Lewis and Bill, and calves Mosey & Derney
Duane at a cattle sale in 1954
Duane has deep roots in the dairy industry which began with his father, Harold Hastings, in 1945. In addition to being a dairy farmer, Duane served his country in the Air Guard from 1958 to 1963. Duane’s passions for dairy farming and airplanes were passed on to his sons. His oldest son, Lane, is a pilot for Delta Airlines. His youngest son, Lad, is a dairy farmer. 

Lad, Duane and Lane working together in 1977
Lad and Duane on the farm

Duane once said what many in agriculture feel, “The farm experience comes with its share of accomplishments and disappointments but you hang in there.” He has a way of putting things into perspective and maintaining a positive outlook regardless of the situation.

Duane plowing snow in 1963
The Hastings' Home Farm in West Salem in the early 1970's

Today, we’re on a different farm in another part of Ohio, but Lad carries with him all the memories, lessons and experiences farm life provides. Especially the lessons he learned from his father. Lad shared, “My father taught me to take pride in the way things are done. He advised 1) Your farm should look neat and clean, 2) There is no job too big or small, 3) Treat everyone with respect, honesty and fairness, and 4) Don’t complain because there is always someone worse off than you and nobody cares.”

Duane with his grandson, Jack, helping Lad with farming in 2010

Duane often says, “Farming is a lifestyle and a good place to raise a family. Your legacy is your children. You hope they accomplish more than you did or at least as much.” 
Jack, Garrett, Lad, Lane and Duane in Redhaw 2010
Happy 75th birthday Duane!


  1. Great tribute, Brenda. Happy Birthday, Duane. Farm families who continue the traditions and values are few. I know that along with the farmer is the wife, who works long hours and keeps life moving in the right directions and enhances the life of all involved.It is nice to see Duane and Pat's family being so successful. Thanks, Brenda for all the wonderful posts that you provide.

  2. What a sweet blog post... Farming and family- could not be any better.

  3. What a wonderful tribute.

    I am really enjoying your blog. It's beautifully written. Thanks for sharing!


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