Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Maple Syrup + Pancakes = Pancake Town USA

Our farm is located in Geauga County which is the largest producer of maple syrup in Ohio. Our community of Burton is known as “Pancake Town USA and the county seat of Chardon hosts the Geauga Maple Festival  every spring. 

Most of the trees in the Burton Town Square are tapped
Jack checks to see if there's sap in the bucket
As winter gives way to spring in snow-covered Geauga County, maple sugaring season is in its prime. When daytime temperatures rise above freezing and dip back down overnight it causes the sap in the Maple trees to flow. Maple producers tap trees by inserting a small tube with a bucket, bag or tubing attached to collect the sap in their Sugarbush. The collected sap is delivered to the Sugarhouse and placed in an evaporator where it’s boiled into pure maple syrup. According to information I collected in the Burton Log Cabin, it takes 40-50 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of maple syrup.

Garrett in front of the Burton Log Cabin
If you drive through downtown Burton in March, you will see sap buckets hanging from almost every tree. You’re also likely to see steam flowing out of the Burton Log Cabin where sap is boiled to make syrup. 

The evaporator inside the Cabin where sap is boiled into syrup
Every Sunday in March, there are pancake breakfasts served all over town in celebration of maple syrup season. Many of these patrons are also consuming milk with their pancakes which is great for dairy! The pancakes bring thousands of visitors to Burton every March.

The Cabin is packed with yummy maple products
Garrett enjoys a tasty maple stir we purchased in the Cabin
We have an old maple sugar house on our farm that operated many years ago, long before we arrived. This is our only connection to maple production. We don’t produce maple on our farm, but know many people who have Sugarbushes that have produced maple syrup for generations. Its part of the rich history of this community we’ve grown to love.

This is the old Sugarhouse on our farm
We enjoy eating pancakes in downtown Burton each year. A delicious benefit of living in this fantastic community!

Garrett heads to Century Village for some pancakes
To learn more about Geauga County maple syrup, check out these resources:
Geauga County: Maple sap and dollars start flowing again
Sweet Success Story featuring Geauga County maple syrup production
Ohio Maple Producers Association 


  1. I really enjoyed your blog. We don't have much in the way of maple syrup production here, so it was very interesting to read about it! There's nothing like a glass of milk with pancakes!

  2. Sigh ... Burton.

    Grew up going to the Geauga County Fair.

    Such memories and great photos to accompany the story.

    Loving your blog and looking forward to following you for more! :)

  3. Thank you for the comments! My family is fortunate to live in beautiful Geauga county. You're right, nothing is better with pancakes than a glass of milk! Glad you enjoy my blog.


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