Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our Trip to the Auction - Going Once, Going Twice, SOLD!

On Saturday we went to a local farm auction where farm equipment, outdoor recreation items, household stuff and a little bit of everything was sold to the highest bidder. The auction took place at a farm in Middlefield, about 15 minutes from our farm. 

Walking down the long driveway to the auction
Trucks and buggies delivered people to the auction
Our purpose for attending was to purchase a flatbed wagon to give hayrides around our farm during “Open Farm Days” this summer and fall. And the boys had their eye on a plastic paddle boat with thoughts of warm days floating around our pond this summer.

I waited in line to get our bidder number
Lad and the boys had a snowball fight while I waited in line
The action was crowded with over 300 people attending. It was a mild winter day with a mix of sun and clouds. The previous days’ snow storm left about one foot of snow on the ground. The auctioneer was Fred Shohayda, owner of a local Ford/New Holland tractor dealership. Fred is someone we know and trust.

Lad checks out the flatbed wagon we want to purchase
The boys stand guard by the boat they want
Fred began by selling small items including tools, tractor parts, post hole diggers, and sap bucket lids to name a few. Then moved to the household and outdoor recreation items. We stationed ourselves near the paddle boat in preparation to bid. Fred started the bidding for the paddle boat and in less than a minute, we were the proud owners of a used paddle boat. The boys were thrilled!

Lad and Jack watch the auction
Now we had to wait until it was time to auction the wagon. The boys enjoyed playing in the snow while Lad and I visited with other attendees. There were a variety of people at the auction - some with the intention of buying and some looking for a Saturday activity. The attendees included Amish and “English” farmers, neighbors and bargain hunters. 

The auction was well attended!
Me with my boys
About one hour after we purchased the boat, it was time to auction the large farm equipment. We stuck close to the flatbed wagon we hoped to bring home. Soon Fred announced it was time to sell the wagon, the bidding started and within seconds we were the owners of a wagon!

Garrett and Jack stand on the wagon we just purchased
Walking back to our car - we had to park about 1 mile away
Our day was a success. We purchased the two items we came for and look forward to using them!

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