Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action!

Last week we had a camera crew at our home and farm shooting footage for a commercial featuring Ohio dairy farmers. This series of commercials features several dairy farm families.

Video taping my family in our kitchen

I'm talking with my boys
It’s our goal to reach out to consumers interested in learning more about who is producing milk. This effort began about two years ago when the Ohio dairy industry created “Meet Ohio Dairy Farmers. This website features pictures, videos and other information about Ohio dairy families and dairy products. Our family is proud to be one of the families  featured on this website and in the recent commercial series. 

Jack doesn't want the camera to see him
Lad chats with the boys while the sound is adjusted
It’s both exciting and challenging to be videotaped for a commercial. As fellow moms know, children can be unpredictable. They don’t always do what you ask. I served breakfast to the boys as always, but it wasn’t quite the same since there was a camera crew filming it. For example, Jack usually loves nutella on bread for breakfast, but wouldn’t touch it while being filmed. Fortunately, the patient and professional crew were able to record several hours of footage. 

Lad entertains the boys with arm wrestling between takes
Ready to continue filming
In this commercial I’m telling one of my favorite true stories, the story of “Milk is Milk”. In talking with other parents, I often hear concerns about milk containing antibiotics and added hormones. I’m always eager to explain that no milk contains antibiotics and all milk (in fact, all animal products) contains trace amounts of naturally occurring hormones that are digested by humans as protein. I think product labeling often misleads consumers into believing certain products are healthier, safer or better simply because they contain a label saying it is so. ALL milk contains the same nutrients and is safe and wholesome regardless of specific production methods or package labels. 

Josue and Lad in one of the pens at our dairy
The stars of the show!
The camera crew catches all the action
After filming at our home, the crew took some footage at the dairy. It was a rainy and chilly day, not ideal conditions. But it’s business as usually at our farm, regardless of the weather.
Jack in the milking parlor
We’re proud to be Ohio dairy farmers!

Lad, Jack, me and Garrett


  1. That picture of Jack kissing the cow is just adorable!

  2. I grew up on a dairy farm outside the town of Buffalo, Ohio. Your picture bring back many good memories.


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