Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Got Questions about Milk and Dairy Farms?

I know where you can find answers. The Ohio Dairy Farmers YouTube channel  is dedicated to providing accurate information about dairy topics. Consumers want to know how their milk is produced so Ohio dairy farmers are making an effort to share information about what happens on their farms.

The videos feature Ohio dairy farmers on their own farms, veterinarians, and other experts talking about a variety of dairy topics. Here are some of my favorites, just click on the title to link to the video;

Milk Safety: Are there Antibiotics in Milk?

Hormones in Milk: The Truth (and myth)

Organic and Regular Milk: What’s the Difference?

Calf Care: Where a Lifetime of Caring for Cows Begin

Environmental Practices: A Daily Job for Dairy Farmers

Dehorning: A Humane Practice Focused on Cow Safety

I’m proud my family had an opportunity to participate in making some of these videos. I blogged about it a few months ago in Lights, Camera, Action!

In addition to the videos addressing specific topics, there is the Meet Ohio Dairy Farmers series featuring videos and information showcasing real Ohio dairy families. Farmers share information about their farm, their families, cow and calf care, environmental stewardship and other topics near and dear to them.

If you live in Ohio, you might have seen some of these videos on television. They are currently running as commercials on local television stations.

The YouTube channel and television commercials aim to connect farmer to consumer. As dairy producers we take pride in what we do and want to share information with consumers. I hope you’ll check out the Ohio Dairy Farmers YouTube channel.

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  1. We just have meat cows, but I sure love my dairy!!!!!


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