Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Is Our Corn Knee High by 4th of July?

As the saying goes, corn should be “knee high by 4th of July”. If we’re measuring it on my 5-year-old son, Jack, then that statement would be accurate for some of our corn. We planted our first field of corn on June 15th and our last field on July 2nd.

This is corn we planted June 15th
This is a field of corn planted July 2nd

Here in Northeast Ohio, we experienced the wettest spring on record in 2011. This caused a challenge because the fields were so wet, farmers could not get in them to plow, disk, spread manure and plant seeds. As a result, the planting of crops was delayed.  

Lad disking to prepare the field for planting

Our “plan” is to haul manure onto the fields in April, prepare them for planting in May, plant in May and early June and harvest haylage in June. But all these tasks had to be done in 15-20 days in June (when it wasn’t raining) this year due to the extremely wet weather.

Most farmers in our region plant corn, soybeans and/or hay. We plant corn to be used for corn silage and sudan grass – both commodities we feed our cows.

This field of Sudan grass was planted in early June
Our Sudan is looking good

Lad works very long hours during the spring to get the farming done in addition to the work that must be done on the dairy. So it’s a great feeling of accomplishment when the crops are in the ground.

Now we’re hoping for a good growing season with enough rain and heat to produce high yielding crops we’ll harvest this fall.


  1. I enjoy your information about dairy farming. It brings back many memories of growing up on a dairy farm in Southeastern Ohio.

  2. Thanks Judy. That's good to hear.


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