Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Visiting Grandpa's California Dairy

Each summer my sons and I take a trip to California to visit my parents, family and friends. Lad stays in Ohio to take care of the farm. I enjoy coming "home" and sharing the place I grew up with my boys.

Garrett and Jack in the corn field next to my parents home
A highlight of our trip is frequent visits to Grandpa Souza's dairy.

Jack likes to sit on every tractor he can find!
The cows see Jack and come for a closer look
Garrett plays on the hay wagon

Jack checks the heifer calves
Garrett and Jack take a break on the fence
Garrett will be driving a tractor soon!
Garrett pets a newborn bull calf
The cows stay cool with water misters spraying them while they eat

Jack is excited to examine the new tractor
Grandpa Tony and Jack check the maternity pen
Jack, Grandpa Tony and Garrett at the dairy
We're having a great time!


  1. So glad you get to visit family. Looks Dry there. How big af a dairy is it? We'll be waiting for you back here in OH. The temps are actually nice today. What a relief.

  2. Thanks for the comment Mary. Summer in the central valley of California is typically dry and very hot. This dairy milks about 3,000 cows with an equal number of young stock (heifers and calves). I always enjoy visiting the place where I grew up!

  3. Looks like the perfect place to me! Lots of cows to milk!!


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