Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Farmer & Neighbor Living in Harmony

Our dairy farm is located in rural Geauga County (40 miles east of Cleveland). The community consists of a mix of grain farms, livestock farms, vegetable farms, industry and parks. Nestled among the farms are homes. It’s in the best interest of the entire community that we all exist in harmony. This doesn’t just happen on its own, it requires an effort by everyone.

We feel very fortunate to have good neighbors and live in a community that values production agriculture. We do our best to be respectful neighbors and responsible members of the community. 

Our neighbor, George, with Lad

One of our neighbors, George Huge, is a real asset to our farm. His property borders ours and we live in perfect harmony with a mutual trust. George and his dog, Thunder, are frequent visitors on our farm. George helps with a variety of tasks from digging culverts to manage water flow, bringing clay from the back of our property to build up the freestall barn beds, leveling fields, mowing around our pond, running the skid steer and the list goes on. We’re grateful for his help and how he treats our farm with the same pride he takes care of his own beautifully maintained property. George enjoys hunting and trapping on our property. We’re glad to have him as our neighbor.

Thunder and George at our farm
George helping pick rocks with Lad and the boys
We understand there are some aspects of farm life that people may not like. Land applying manure can produce an odor, please remember this is a valuable, natural nutrient that is good for the soil. Sometimes we hold up traffic due to driving large equipment on the road, we ask that you be patient with us. At times, we get mud on the road, we’ll do our best to keep this to a minimum.

Our farm benefits the community economically by providing jobs, purchasing goods and services, and selling our milk to a local processing company. We open our farm to visitors so people can learn about cows, dairy farming and milk. We’re active, participating members of the community. We maintain a nice property with beautiful cows, quality crops and lots of open space.

We’re pleased to live in this special community and appreciate our neighbors!

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