Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dairy Delicious Holiday Food

One of my favorite holiday activities is eating! My family has some food traditions we look forward to each year. I love making and eating cheese fondue during the Christmas season. Here’s my easy Swiss cheese fondue recipe:

Cheese Fondue
1 pound Swiss cheese (I use Middlefield Swiss cheese which is made from our cow’s milk)
1 tablespoon flour
1 clove garlic, minced
1 cup white wine
Dash of pepper
Loaf of French bread, cut into bite-size cubes

Place the cheese and flour in a large pan on the stove over medium heat. As the cheese melts, add the minced garlic, wine and pepper. Stir constantly. The fondue is done when it starts bubbling. Then transfer the fondue to a fondue cooker or chafing dish to keep it warm while serving. Place a cube of bread on a long-handled fork and dip it into the fondue. Delicious!

Cut the bread into cubes and let is sit out a few hours to get firm
The ingredients: Swiss cheese, pepper, garlic, wine and flour
Swiss cheese and flour ready to melt
All the ingredients in the pan

Me stirring the fondue
Jack, Lad and Garrett eat the fondue
Dipping the bread into the fondue

Another favorite activity is baking cookies with my sons. We always use real butter because it makes the cookies taste so good! This year we’re making;
Pretzel rods dipped in chocolate

There’s nothing better than a warm cookie with a glass of milk!

To help you get in the Christmas spirit, check out this great song by Wil Gilmer, an Alabama dairy farmer, about how Santa helps him milk cows on Christmas day!

Hope you and your family have a great Christmas and Happy New Year!


  1. really liked your blog, im a newbie in the whole blogging thing so i would be more than grateful if you had a luck at my own blog, studentcomfortfood.blogspot.co.uk :) would love to exchange and try some of your recipes with your permission

    1. Thanks Alex. You are certainly welcome to try and share the recipes from my blog. Other blogs with good recipes that I like are The Wife of a Dairyman @ http://www.thewifeofadairyman.blogspot.com, Two Maids a Milking @ http://www.twomaidsamilking.blogspot.com, and The Ranch Wife Chronicles @ http://theranchwifechronicles.com. Good luck on your blogging adventure!


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