Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Food Facts for People who Eat

Have questions about food? I have the perfect resource for you. The Best Food Facts  website provides answers to your food questions. There are so many choices in the grocery store today. 

A variety of claims crowd food labels. Talk shows provide opinions about food choices and production methods. Books are written instructing us how we should eat. The news media covers the latest stories about which method of food production is best. How can we wade through all the stories, hype and facts to make informed choices about food?  

Best Food Facts assembled a team of food experts who have done the research and will provide facts based on proven science. You can submit your questions via email or phone and an expert will respond.

The site contains a Food Q&A page with answers to commonly asked questions. For example;
  • Is high fructose corn syrup a major cause of obesity in the U.S.?
  • Will eliminating farm subsidies reduce obesity and associated health problems, such as diabetes?
  • Is it true regular use of antibiotics in healthy cows, pigs and chickens has led to an increased antibiotic resistance in humans eating meat products?
This resource provides reliable information from experts who base their answers on research and facts. Check it out and pass the web address on to your friends!


  1. Thanks for the "nod" Brenda! We know there are many sides to one story, so we feel it's best to go straight to the experts who have the expertise and have completed the research to get the facts on today's food and food system. We welcome any and all questions you and your readers would like addressed!


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