Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Eventful Week with Visitors, Farming and Cows

There is always plenty to do on a farm. Taking care of cows requires daily commitment. But spring is more hectic than usual. In addition to the daily routine with the cows, it’s planting season. This requires land applying manure, plowing and discing fields and planting. Doing double duty with cows and crops leads to working long hours with no days off for weeks.
Kevin discing the field
Duane, Lad's father, helps prepare the field while Jack checks his work
Lad loads the planter with Sudan seed and Jack assists
Planting Sudan seed
Planting Sudan

Corn plants are coming out of the ground

Springtime is also the time we open our dairy to visitors for the season. This week we hosted three groups at our farm. On Tuesday, I held the first Cow Tales Adventure & Storytime which is an event for kids under five with a caregiver. We read Millie Waits for the Mail, toured the dairy, made a cow craft, had a dairy snack and played. It was lots of fun!
A friendly cow welcomes visitors into the milking parlor
The calves like our visitors!
The kids had fun playing in the corn box
The indoor playroom has toy tractors, barns, farm animals and more!

On Wednesday, Congresswoman Marcia Fudge came to our farm for a 2012 Farm Bill listening session. This event was hosted by Ohio Farm Bureau, Farm Credit and the Cleveland Foodbank. Stakeholders from urban and rural areas in northeast Ohio were on hand to share information with Congresswoman Fudge, who serves on the House Agriculture Committee, about how Farm Bill programs will impact their sector. Speakers included representatives from food banks, urban gardens, farmers markets, dairy, grain, specialty crops, crop insurance and ag lending. 

Taylor tells the group about the milking parlor
Congresswoman Fudge and me at the calf hutches

The group is ready for the listening session

On Thursday, I gave a tour to the Leadership Geauga Youth Program. The high school juniors participating in this program have an opportunity to learn about many aspects of the community from public safety to agriculture during this 9-month fellowship. 

The students check out the cows in the barn
The calves are always popular!
Thanks to the staff at our farm for everything they do from working long hours in the fields to helping prepare the dairy for visitors. The guys milking the cows are patient as I bring groups of visitors into the milking pit, we get in their way but they go on doing their job. The last few months have been especially demanding and they have done an outstanding job!


  1. Great pictures and story! Your meeting room (picture of listening session) and indoor playroom are testimonies that you are committed to sharing your livelihood with the public, many of whom are unfamiliar with real agriculture. Picture of calf 6881 and visitor is precious!

  2. Thank you Joan! I love sharing the story of our farm. I agree the picture with the calf is a good one. It was taken by one of our visitors, Lori, who sent it to me via Facebook.

  3. Wow nice pictures you got their. I love the story of your farm. It reminds me of our field trip last year. It was just like this. I enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for sharing!
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