Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Celebrate June Dairy Month with Tasty Dairy Foods

June is National Dairy Month. To celebrate dairy, my June blog postings will focus on dairy products, special events on our farm, how milk quality starts on the farm, and dairy fun facts. So tune in every Tuesday in June for a new dairy blog!

Dairy foods deserve recognition because they are nutritious, versatile and delicious! In today’s health conscious environment, we want to feel good about the meals we serve our family. If you’re interested in learning more about the nutritional value of dairy, these websites are a great resource.

Dairy Nutrition Facts outlines milk’s 9 essential nutrients and illustrates how milk compares with other beverages.

Dairy Foods FAQ features frequently asked questions about milk such as; What’s the difference between regular and organic milk? or Are there antibiotics in my milk? or What is rBST?. A valuable resources for FAQ’s about dairy.

3 Every Day is packed with information and tools from fact sheets to snack ideas.

Put your knowledge of dairy to the test. Click on Test Your Milk IQ. 


 If you like to try new recipes like I do, check out these links to fabulous dishes featuring dairy.   

The Wife of a Dairyman recipes. Nancy is a blogger from a California dairy farm. She posts a variety of dairy information as well as wonderful recipes.

Two Maids a Milking recipes. Liz and Amy are from a 6th generation dairy farm family in Indiana. They blog about their dairy farm, their families and post tasty recipes.

The Ranch Wife Chronicles recipes. Robyn’s blog takes you on the journey of her life on a South Dakota ranch. She likes to cook and shares wonderful recipes on her blog.

Midwest Dairy recipes. This site breaks down recipes in breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, dessert and beverages so everything is easy to find!

I’m excited to participate in a dairy month promotion sponsored by Supervalu supplied independent retailers. Click here for coupons and an entry form.
 Want to get involved in June Dairy Month? Vote for one of my favorite ice cream flavors, Pierre’s Frosting on the Cake, in the Progressive Dairyman Flavor Face Off


  1. This post is filled with *lots* of great stuff! I'm heading off to visit a dairy farm for the first time ever, so it looks like I picked a great month to do it!

  2. As a person who has grown up on a Dairy Farm, I am very excited that you are taking the opportunity to see how a dairy farm works and, more importantly, how dairy farmers work hard to care for their cows and provide nutritious, wholesome milk. Hope you had a great experience at the farm!

  3. Thanks for the comments Rebecca and Johanna. I agree that it's neat Rebecca is visiting a farm. Good for you for taking the time to go to a dairy farm and meet a dairy farmer!

  4. Thanks for the shout out! Happy June Dairy Month!!

    Two Maids a Milking

  5. Thank you for the great recipes and information you post on your blog!


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