Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Quality Milk Starts at the Farm

Dairy farms are the first stage of food manufacturing. It’s here that milk is produced and stored before being picked up by the milk truck to be delivered to a processing facility where it’s made into a final product you find in the grocery store.

It’s important that we do the right things on our farm to produce quality raw milk. The first step in milk quality is healthy, well-fed cows. We make sure our cows eat food that contains all the nutrients they need and provide fresh, clean water for them to drink. 

Our cows eating a well balanced meal
Cows gathering around the water trough in their barn
The parlor where cows are milked plays an important role in milk quality. The milking machines, lines, equipment and holding tank are cleaned daily. Clean and well maintained equipment contribute to good quality milk. 

Our milk is stored in two refrigerated tanks
A milk inspector comes to our farm regularly to confirm we are following the rules that ensure quality milk. To learn more about this process, see my blog The Milk Inspector is Coming.

Ever wonder how milk gets from our cows to your table? Take Milk’s Journey from Farm to Table to see the process.

Dairy farmers and the dairy industry have a history of providing wholesome, nutritious products. There are many dairy producers who share information about their farm on a blog. The Proud to Dairy website is a great resource for dairy blogs. The Dairy Blogs We Love page includes links to dairy blogs written by producers from all over the country.

If you have questions about what dairy farmers do to produce the milk you drink, just ask them. You can post a question on my blog or any other dairy blog. We take a lot of pride in what we do and are proud to share it!

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