Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Agriculture in my Hometown of Tulare, California

My sons and I are on our annual trip to California visiting my family. Here in the Central Valley agriculture is king. Tulare County is one of the most productive farming areas in the world. As the 2nd largest agriculture producing county in the nation, if Tulare County were a state, it would rank 22nd in the U.S. for agriculture production.

There are several differences between agriculture production in Tulare County, where I grew up, and Geauga County, where I live now. During my visit, I’ve snapped some pictures of agriculture production around my parents home. Here are images commonly found in Tulare County that I don’t usually see in Geauga County. . . . .

Large, flat fields. . . .
A corn field with a dairy farm in the background
 Open lot dairy corrals. . . .

Irrigation. . . .

Cotton plants. . . .
Jack checks out the field of cotton

Pomegranate trees. . . .

Olive trees. . . .

Citrus trees. . . .
Orange trees, me and almond trees
Nut trees: walnut, almond, pistachio. . . .
Walnut orchard
Walnuts growing on the branch
Almond orchard
Almonds growing

The dairy industry has been challenging in recent years due to extremely high feed prices, so many dairy producers are planting some of their land in nut trees to diversify their income. . .
One side of the field is walnuts, the other side corn for silage
Crop duster. . .
The view from my parents backyard

Watching this crop duster provided entertainment during breakfast
Tulare County produces over 240 agriculture products. The climate and geography is ideal for large fields and dairy production. The top 10 commodities grown in Tulare County are; 1) Milk, 2) Oranges, 3) Grapes, 4) Cattle & Calves, 5) Corn Silage, 6) Pistachio nuts, 7) Nectarines, 8) Alfalfa, 9) Peaches, and 10) Almonds.

Jack with a corn stalk he picked
Geauga County is located in Northeast Ohio approximately 40 miles east of Cleveland and 20 miles south of Lake Erie. This rural agricultural county, with its rolling hills and plentiful woods, is best known for maple syrup production. In addition to maple products, farmers in Geauga County produce corn, soybeans, wheat, hay, nursery products, vegetables, fruit, dairy cows and horses.

Another difference is the weather. Summertime in Tulare County equals warm, sunny weather with almost no chance of rain - perfect for swimming! 

Garrett and Jack in the pool
We've enjoyed our trip to California!


  1. Were you able to come to Galt and see the New Hope Dairy where your mom was raised and your Uncle Bruce lives?

  2. It sounds like you know my family. Are you from Galt? I didn't make it up north during this visit.

  3. Yes, Ilive down the road about a mile from the Dairy of your grandpa and have knew him and your grand mother since 1971 and my wife Roxie knw your mother from there 4H days.

    George Nicewonger

  4. I didn't know it was you because you didn't include your name in this comment. Thank you for reading and commenting on my recent blogs!

  5. Did you and your husband both go to Cal Poly?

  6. George, I earned a B.S. from CSU, Fresno and a M.S. from Cal Poly. My husband is from Ohio and he earned a B.S. from The Ohio State University and a MBA from University of Phoenix. We met at World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.

    1. Iwas on the dairy judging team at FSC jn 1958 and my 2 daughters graduated from there in 1984 and 1986. How did you end up at FSC and your mother was a poly dolly. Ha Ha

    2. I was a few years behind your daughters at FSU. I broke family tradition by attending Fresno State. Both my parents, my brother and several aunts and uncles graduated from Cal Poly. I did go to Cal Poly for my graduate degree. Both are great schools!


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