Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Moooarvelous Dairy Facts

Every wonder how long it takes for milk to get from cow to store or how much a cow eats or how many pounds of milk it takes to make a pound of cheese? This post shares some dairy facts.  

Dairy farms can be found in all 50 of the United States.

There are about 51,000 dairy farms in the U.S.

With 50, 500 or 5,000 cows, almost all dairy farms share one thing in common: they are family-owned and operated.

Lad and Jack having a chat
The economic impact of U.S. dairy is estimated to be $140 billion.

Milk is fresh and local. It typically takes two days to get from the farm to the grocery store.

Cows eat about 100 pounds of feed and drink 30-50 gallons of water each day.

Garrett pets a cow while they're eating
The average cow weighs 1,400 lbs and a calf weighs about 90 lbs when it’s born.

Cows get pedicures! It’s common for cows to have their hooves trimmed by a professional regularly. This keeps the cows comfortable and their hooves healthy.

Cows relax 12-13 hours each day. Most cows live in a barn that requires bedding and farmers use a variety of bedding material; sand, sawdust, mattresses or even waterbeds!

We use sand bedding in this barn. We also use sawdust and straw for bedding.
The dairy industry has reduced the environmental impact of a gallon of milk since 1944, resulting in 90% less cropland, 75% less manure, 65% less water and 63% less carbon.

Milk’s been part of the American diet since the 1600’s! The first dairy cow arrived on the East Coast in the Jamestown Colony around 1611.

In 1856, Dr. Louis Pasteur discovered that heat killed bad germs. Today we use this process, called pasteurization, to make milk safe to drink.

Every single load of milk entering a processing plant in the U.S. is tested for quality before being unloaded.

Dairy makes eating healthy easy! An 8-ounce glass of milk contains nine essential nutrients and costs about 25 cents, providing more nutritional bang for your buck.

How much milk does it take to make (8.6 pounds = 1 gallon of milk);
Butter: 23 pounds of milk to make one pound of butter
Ice Cream: 12 pounds of milk to make one gallon of ice cream
Cheese: 10 pounds of milk to make one pound of cheese

Curious to learn more about dairy? Check out How Much Do You Know About Milk? Get the Secrets, Stories and Facts of America’s Favorite Natural Beverage

Hope you enjoyed learning more about dairy! If you have questions, let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them.


  1. Paylaşımlarınız harika çok işime yaradı anadolu sağlık meslek lisesi olarak teşekkür ederiz.

  2. I choose to drink, and feed my family, pasturized milk purchased at the grocery store.

  3. P Flooers, I was responding to you comment and accidently deleted it. So I'll re-post it: Do you drink milk from your farm or purchase it at the store?

  4. Hi Brenda- Thank you so much for sharing Milk! Secrets, Stories and Facts....as part of this excellent blog post! We're thrilled to learn how popular this piece is with dairy farmers like yourself!

  5. Thanks Sara for creating such a great piece packed full of information about milk!


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