Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Scenes from June Dairy Month

Thanks to everyone who celebrated June dairy with us! Scenes from the events we hosted on our farm.....

Some of our cows love attention!

A group of dietetic students in the freestall barn

I wonder how her shirt tastes?

What's better than a hayride on a beautiful summer day?

Curious Kindergarten students are ready to tour the farm

The children watch the cows being milked

A day camp group having fun with the calves

Hey Mom, can I take this one home?

Everyone loves the calves!

Bottle feeding a calf during Cow Camp
Students of all ages like the calves

Me with one of our babies

Visitors learn what cows eat

Playing cornhole on the front porch of the barn

Making a cow eartag neclace to take home

Climbing on the tire snake

Fun on the playground

My dad, Tony, cooks hotdogs during Dawgs at the Dairy

My parents, Carolyn & Tony, helped with visitors at the farm

Garrett, Lad, Jack and Momma Kitty take a break

The boys cool their feet in a tub of ice water on a hot afternoon

We'll have more special events on our farm in the Fall. It's lots of fun for us, our cows and the visitors!


  1. Looks like fun!

  2. What a wonderful way to share the dairy farm life with others! You have some terrific ideas for fun ways to learn. Thanks for all you do!


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