Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We Share Lots of Common Ground

All people share one thing in common . . . we all eat. In recent years, it seems we spend lots of time focusing on differences in food production; traditional vs. organic, small farm vs. large farm, grass fed vs. grain fed, free-range vs. barns, GMO vs. non-GMO, antibiotic use, added hormones, and so on.

We spend so much time focusing on differences we often overlook what we all share in common. Farmers and consumers share many interest in common; quality food, a healthy environment, good animal care, and sustainable agriculture.

 There is an organization aimed at sharing the real story of agriculture called Our Common Ground. This group of volunteer farm women want to have real and honest conversations about food and farming. They share the real story of American agriculture and all that goes into growing and raising food. Common Ground is all about starting a conversation between women who grow food, and the women who buy it. It’s a conversation based on personal experience as farmers, but also on science and research. 

I love the first goal of this group; to help consumers understand that their food is not grown by a factory. It’s grown by people and it’s important to understand and trust the process. Join in the conversation by visiting the Common Ground website and Facebook page.

Another farm woman who shares great rural images and farm facts is Erin Ehnle. She describes herself as, “an Illinois farm girl and photographer” and authors Keeping it Real: Through the Lens of a Farm Girl - Taking snapshots of the agriculture world as it really happens in central Illinois. You can find her on Facebook and Pinterest

 Farmers are parents, community members, property owners and eat just like you. We want the same thing for our family that you want for yours. We have a lot in common.

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  1. I had not heard of Common Ground, what a great organization! I'm excited to follow, thanks for the info!
    Love Erin's work, too!


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