Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Great Geauga County Fair 2012

Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer, but where I live it also means its County Fair time! My family and I always enjoy attending The Great Geauga County Fair which is the oldest fair in Ohio. As part of the local Farm Bureau Board, I take my turn working in the Farm Bureau booth. We try to create an exciting, interactive space for family fun. The booth features a corn box, Cali the milking cow, real farm equipment, the Ag Trivia wheel game, a soil tunnel (compliments of Geauga Soil & Water Conservation District), and information about agriculture and Farm Bureau. 

The Geauga County Farm Bureau Booth
The combine and soil tunnel at the booth
Kids can milk "Cali the Cow"
The Ag Trivia wheel game - every player wins a prize!
This is a great photo opportunity for families
Checking out the inside of the soil tunnel
My sons, Jack and Garrett, have a snack in the Farm Bureau booth
The booth had a new feature this year; a TV playing the brand new “Agriculture, The Geauga Way” video. This video is a cooperative effort of the Geauga County Farm Bureau, Geauga Soil & Water Conservation District, Geauga County Planning Commission and The Cleveland Foundation. The video illustrates the history and diversity of agriculture production in the county. I’m proud that our dairy is one of the farms featured in this video.

Here are some images of our experience at the fair. . . . .

The boys checking out the hog barn
Those are some large turkeys!
The poultry barn
Fishing in the Natural Resources area
Jack eyes his target in the Geauga Bowman display
Garrett is ready to fly on the YoYo ride
A classic favorite ride!
"Dairy Farmers Care about their animals, their land and YOU!"


  1. Looks like fun. I wish our county fair was bigger.

  2. We love the country fair time of year also! Cannot wait! Love the animals, children and the good food!!


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