Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Farm Cats

We have two types of animals on our farm; cows and cats. They live in harmony and all have jobs to do. The cats keep busy catching mice and greeting visitors. Some are very friendly and others are shy.

The cats having something to eat on the front porch of the barn
Relaxing and playing in the sun
Jack with Momma and one of the kittens
Garrett and Jack with a new batch of kittens in the hay barn
Two of our friendly barn cats at rest
One of our favorite farm cats, Ben, was working at the farm a few weeks ago when he was accidently run over. I took him to the local veterinarian where he was examined and x-rayed. He was diagnosed with a cracked pelvic bone, dislocated hip and suffered from head trauma.

Ben stayed at the veterinarian’s office on IV for three days until he was strong enough to come home. We brought him into our home to provide the special care he needed to recover. Last week, Ben had a follow-up visit with the veterinarian’s office where he received a positive report and is doing very well. He’s alert, walking around and consuming lots of food. He gained one pound in two weeks! Ben continues to be at our house recovering. He’s a sweet and calm kitty.

Garrett and Jack with cats Ben and Rex
The friendly orange kittens like to entertain our visitors
Garrett with Peaches, Rex and Charlie
Ben recovering in his pen at our home
About a month before Ben joined our household, my son Jack brought another kitten, Charlie, home from the farm. Charlie was very small and seemed to need some extra TLC so we took him in. The first days Charlie was in our home, he was not too active. Now he is extremely playful, has a beautiful hair coat and is thriving. He’s a perfect companion for Jack.

Jack telling Lad he needs to bring this kitty home to take care of him
Jack and Charlie asleep together
Charlie has grown so much over the last few months!
I don’t know if Ben appreciates Charlie’s energetic spirit, but they seem to be getting along fine. It was our intention to bring them into our home for some TLC then bring them back to the farm when they were stronger. But we’re enjoying them so much, they will probably stay here with our family instead of returning to the farm.

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