Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Let's Talk about Food

Got questions about food? Let’s talk about it! Emotions can run high when discussing the topic of food production. Many have strong opinions about which production methods are best and which food is better for you to consume. Food choices are made based on many factors; cost, taste, package labels, nutritional value, perceived environmental impact, perceived livestock care implications, and emotion.

It seems that everyone has an opinion about how livestock should be raised, how crops should be grown, what is the best diet to consume, and so on. Much of the information you will find is opinion with little or no science to back it up. There is a real need for factual science-based information and true stories from food producers. There’s a need to have conversations about food involving people who have first-hand knowledge about food production, nutrition and public health.

Many wonder if antibiotics used in livestock production are beneficial or harmful, if GMO seeds
are safe, or if organic products are better for you than traditionally produced foods. With all the
information available today, it’s no wonder people have so many questions about how food is
produced. In an effort to have open and respectful dialogue, Food Dialogues was created.

Food Dialogues are panel discussions about food and farming. The third Food Dialogues was held on November 15th in New York. The three topics discussed were; 1) how media coverage impacts food choices, 2) antibiotics used in animal agriculture and 3) the benefits and concerns of biotech/GMO seeds. To watch the video of these discussions or to participate in conversations about food, go to the Food Dialogues website.

When I have questions about food and nutrition, I want fact-based information from trusted sources. I find these to be great sources and hope you’ll check them out:

Food Source is designed to help consumers get accurate answers to their questions. This site tackles questions about animal welfare, antibiotics, farm size & ownership, growth hormones, water quality and a variety of other food and agriculture topics.

Best Food Facts - Just the facts. From the experts.
To learn more about Best Food Facts, check out my blog Food Facts for People who Eat.

Common Ground - Conversations about farming and food.
To learn more about Common Ground, click on We Share Lots of Common Ground.                  

The great thing about Food Dialogues is the discussion involves people representing a variety of
opinions. They might not agree, but all participants are respectful of one another. I hope you’ll join the conversation.

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