Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cold and Snowy Winter Days

Last week was cold and snowy here in Northeast Ohio. It snowed for six days in a row and the temperatures, with wind chill, reached below zero.

One of many snow plow trucks on the road in Geauga County

The good thing about where we live is the weather can change frequently. Last week we had  below zero temps and today we’re experiencing a high of 60 degrees.

Some scenes from our farm last week. . . . .
Our farm from the road
The doors and curtains on the barn are closed on cold days
The cows stay warm and cozy in these enclosed barns

The entrance to the maternity pen
The cows in the maternity pen stay warm in straw bedding
A calf cozy in her hutch - the straw bale can be placed in the doorway on cold nights
One of the tanks that stores our milk until the milk truck arrives each day
Cows walking down the lane from the milking parlor to their barn
The covering on the fence blocks the cold wind
Cows outside the milk parlor before walking back to their barn


  1. We loved Ohio, stationed there at Wright-Patterson AFB 2002-2005. I also am a past dairy farmer and retired at the early age of 62. I am looking for an interested dairy farmer to get into registered cattle with 16 embryos I have for half interest in the heifers and my help (with others) in marketing. My embryos are not the best but excellent lines of Elegance, Pinehurst, and Ladys Manor in Maine. Anyway I like your web blog and would appreciate any leads on someone that might be interested in my proposal. (use your lower end cows as recips to produce very high end calves)

    Johnny Stansell
    Abilene, Tx

    1. Thanks Johnny. We enjoy living in Ohio most of the year, but the winter can be challenging. We don't maintain registration papers on our farm and don't raise show cattle, so probably are not the best fit for your embryos. Thanks for reading my blog. Good luck with your project!

  2. Love all the pics! I am going to tell our cows they are missing out on all these beautiful barns! Thank goodness it does not get too cold here so most of the time they are in temperate weather. And they are not milk cows so they are used to pasture life!


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