Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Undercover Dairy Video

I recently watched this Undercover Dairy Video taken at a farm in Wisconsin.

Have you seen this video on the national news? Has it gone viral on social media? This undercover video lacks the dramatic music and plea to send money or go vegan from a celebrity commentator reading a script from an animal rights group so it didn’t receive national media attention. I guess real life is not as newsworthy as fiction.

This video capturing “cows doing what they do” was taken by Carrie and shared on her blog “The Adventures of Dairy Carrie, I think I Need a Drink!

I liked reading Ryan Goodman’s post explaining his thoughts on this and other farm videos.
One of my favorite quotes from his post is, “We can all make videos, and we can all narrate scenes, but no matter how you play it, a video (or photos, or even a single blog post) is nothing more than a snapshot of the entire story.”

In another post from Dairy Carrie, she analyzes a different undercover video aimed at painting dairy farmers with a negative brush: Excuse me, your bias is showing. Dissecting an Animal Rights video.

There is lots of information available today on the Internet and social media. Videos and photos are powerful and strike an emotional cord. But images are not always what they seem and information presented along with them isn’t always accurate. It’s up to you to be the judge. I hope you’ll examine issues from more than one source and seek out a farmer to ask when you have a question. They would love to hear from you!

A salute to Carrie Mess and Ryan Goodman for everything they do to share the true story of agriculture!


  1. This video exposes the dairy industries dirty little secret as to how they treat their animals. Decently, with care. You can see how those poor animal suffer. Especially those who have plenty of room to move and choose to just lay around and enjoy the day.

  2. Yes, the truth is dairy cows are pampered and well cared for by dairy farmers.

  3. It is great to see a video of a nice farm where the animals seem cared for. However, I would argue the video does little to represent the lives of the millions upon millions of cows in CAFOs.

    I think I would be a lot more inclined to feel warm and fuzzy about this if good farmers (as you appear to be, kudos), spoke out forcefully against the cruelty that does occur in CAFOs. When the cows leave the farm in the video, I wouldn't bet on a nice life during transport and slaughter.

  4. I appreciate your comment and compliment about our farm. You will be pleased to know the majority of dairy farms in this country are just like the one you see in this video or the farm we operate or the farm I grew up on. They might be different in location and size, but all are similar in animal care.

    The size of the farm doesn't dictate the type of care an animal receives. In my experience, I've seen small and large farms that provide excellent care to their cows and calves. To make the assumption that animals living on larger farms don't receive good care is not accurate. Why would a dairy producer be "cruel" to an animal? We work 365 days a year to care for them. Cows deserve outstanding care from birth to death.

  5. Hmmm chewing cuds, currious, playful, free movement, ears up and forward, tails twitching, reasonably clean, good coat, good condition, ample feed/tmr, clean sand, low litter, so where is the problem???


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