Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spring Scenes at the Dairy

Spring is an eventful time on our dairy farm. We're always happy to welcome to the warm weather and longer days spring delivers. Here are some scenes from our farm this month.
My oldest son, Garrett, is excited about his first year in the Geauga Dairyman 4-H club. He recently picked out a beautiful March calf to show at the county fair this fall.
Garrett with his 4-H calf, Lucy
Garrett, Jack and Lad all participated in the calf selection process
Jack found a sweet calf he liked too
Lad with the truck he drives to pick up feed for our cows
Jack with one of the new kitties at the farm
In addition to the regular work of milking, feeding and caring for cows and calves, it's time to get crops in the ground. In the spring, we're preparing the fields to plant corn and Sudan grass. This requires long hours and enlisting the help of family to get everything done.

Josue taking manure from our dairy to the field where it fertilizes the soil
Dad disking a field in preparation for planting
Planting corn
We harvested the rye grass that was planted last fall. 
Garrett in the rye grass field
Taylor mowing the rye grass
Jack running up and down the rows of mowed grass
Chopping the grass and blowing it into the truck that will deliver it to the dairy
Taylor and Lad talk strategy
When you're working with equipment and pushing it to the limit, it can break. My Dad keeps the shop going to make sure the equipment is working. 
Dad and Josue making a repair
Other things happening around the farm.
The heifers spend some time outside
These heifers are curious about Garrett
Jack pets a farm cat while a curious cow watches
Jack showing his Dad what he can do on the tire mountain
We've also had several tours groups at our farm and look forward to more throughout the year.

As you can see from the pictures, spring comes with many weather swings. We've had some warm days in the mid-80's and some chilly days in the 40's. That's spring in Northeast Ohio!

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