Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hot Summer, Cool Cows & Farm Fun

We're enjoying the long days of summertime. My sons especially love summer and don't mind taking a break from school! We've had some warm and humid days here in Northeast Ohio. We try to keep cool and take steps to make sure our cows are cool and comfortable. I've captured some of our summer work and fun to share.
Jack tests Grandpa Duane's Super A
Garrett practicing leading his 4-H heifer, Lucy
The fans in our barns keep cows cool and comfortable
Water is misted on cows while they eat to keep them cool
Lad mixing feed on a warm summer afternoon
Lad and Garrett at the farm
Jack - a future Ohio State student?
The calves watch their buddy, Henry the kitten
Our corn crop is doing well; this corn was planted about 7 weeks ago
Garrett and Jack check the progress of our corn
Our Sudan grass has grown a lot with all the rain and heat we've had lately
Dad mowing the playground lawn
The boys, and our visitors, love playing tetherball
We've had some fun off the farm too. . .

Jack and me at a park near our home
The boys decorated their bikes for a local July 4h parade
The boys love swimming at their Grandparents
The Hastings men relax around the bonfire in our backyard
We treasure each warm summer day and wish this season would last all year long. Hope your family is having a great summer!

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  1. Fantastic post with images! I'm a cattle farmer and like to share. Our cows were on mattresses previously, but one of the things I didn’t like about mattresses was they get hard eventually. Year one they were OK; year three they were all right, but by year seven they were requiring a lot of maintenance and bedding.They were difficult to clean because they would get ripples in them, and we didn’t want to continue doing maintenance and heavy bedding. thanks a lot!~ Laura Adams


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