Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Spreading, Spraying & Socializing

Our farm was full of activity last week. In addition to the normal dairy work, we were busy hauling manure onto farm ground, spraying the corn to eliminate weeds and hosting visitors.

We transported liquid manure from our holding lagoon to the fields where hay was recently harvested. This manure serves as a great soil nutrient to grow the Sudan grass we planted after harvesting the hay.
This tank transports liquid manure from our dairy to the field where it is applied
We were hauling manure the same day we had visitors so they got to see the process

We planted corn about one month ago, so it's time to apply herbicide to eliminate the weeds. We don't want our corn plants competing with weeds for soil nutrients and water. To learn about the entire process from planting to harvesting, check out Harvesting Corn Silage for our Cows.
This is the corn field before applying herbicide - the weeds grow between the corn plants
This is the same field a few days after being sprayed - the weeds are dying

My son, Jack, and husband, Lad, inspect the field and chat
We had seven events/tours at our dairy last week. Our farm was open to the public in celebration of June Dairy Month on Sunday afternoon, we had five day camp groups, and hosted the annual Geauga County Farm Bureau Ice Cream Social.
Visitors get a wagon ride through the barn to see how our cows live
Our youngest visitors enjoy a ride on Chugga Chugga Moo Moo
These campers aren't to sure what to think about our friendly cows!
The Day Camp groups explored our farm on a wagon ride
These visitors are having fun with the calves!
My son, Garrett, offers cheese to the campers during their lunch
The corn box and pedal tractors are so much fun
My son, Jack, showing the campers our farm kitties - the kids love our cats!
Swinging on the playground
Queens of the tire mountain!
The annual Geauga County Farm Bureau Ice Cream Social was held at our farm this year. It was neat to have attendees of all ages experience our farm.

Lad gave tours of our farm
It was a beautiful evening to take in the view from our balcony & chat with neighbors
Chuck Lausin, dairy farmer, Farm Bureau board member & a great guy
The young visitors had a blast "farming"
Louie and Jack take a tractor ride
Thanks to my parents for all of their help this week! These events would not have been a success without them.
Mom and Dad getting ready for another tour group
What a great way to round out June Dairy Month!


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  1. Great pasture shots and enjoyed seeing tour pics also! Happy 4th


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