Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Showing at the Geauga County Fair

My family spent last week participating in the Great Geauga County Fair. It's my son, Garrett's, first year in the Geauga Dairymen 4-H club. I really enjoyed 4-H and FFA when I was younger so am glad to see my children taking an interest. One of the highlights of 4-H is bringing an animal to the county fair. I'd like to share our experience with you through pictures.

Garrett picked his heifer back in April. He selected her from a group of calves born on our farm in March 2013. . .
Garrett and Lucy

He visits Lucy regularly so they can get to know each other. Over the summer, he started leading her with a halter to prepare her for the show. . .
Garrett leading Lucy around the farm while Jack watches
Lucy is very friendly and lets Garrett put the halter on to take her for a walk

The week before the fair, Garrett washed Lucy and clipped her, with the help of Dad. . .
Using clippers to give Lucy a hair cut

Now the fun begins, it's time to go to the fair. . .
The Geauga Dairymen 4-H Club exhibit
Jack and Garrett fill a water bucket for the animals

On the day of the dairy show, the animals are prepared so they look their best. . .
Using a brush and blow dryer to groom Lucy's topline
Making her tail look fluffy and pretty

Now it's showtime. . .
Garrett leading Lucy to the showring with Jack following behind
Grandma Hastings waits outside the showring with the boys
Garrett showing Lucy in Beginner Showmanship
The judge lines up the participants from 1st to 9th place

Garrett and Lucy did well in the Junior Fair Dairy Show. He placed 1st in the Beginner Showmanship class and 1st in the Spring Heifer Calf class. . .
Garrett displays Lucy's blue ribbons with his right hand man, Jack
Proud Dad talks with Garrett after the show
The animals relax after the show with their ribbons displayed

In between the work and showing, there's time to visit, relax and have fun . . .
Garrett and Jack with Granda Souza in the dairy barn
Jack taking a break with Lucy
Garrett being interviewed about his 4-H project

There's also time to experience everything the fair has to offer. . .
Garrett caught a fish in the Natural Resources Area
Jack won a fish at the carnival
The boys had fun on the rides

It was a fun week and the boys were sad when the fair was over, but it will be here again next year before we know it!
The boys loved the fair!


  1. MY wife remembers your mother as a 4h er here in Calif. Your grandmother Lilian was a 4h leader here in Galt for a long time. Glad to see your family is carrying on a long teadition.

    1. That's neat George. Yes, our family has been involved in 4-H for generations. It's a great youth program! Check out my blog "Generations of Dairy Farmers" at It contains a photo of my mom with her dairy animal in 4-H and a photo of her when she was dairy princess.


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