Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Corn Harvest & Open House

It's was extra busy at our farm last week. We started corn harvest and held two Fall Dairy Days welcoming visitors to our farm. These images capture our recent activities. . .

This trailer is loaded with corn silage ready to be delivered to our dairy
Corn silage is made by chopping up the entire corn plant
Chopping the corn and blowing it into the truck to be delivered to our dairy
This truck is dumping a load of corn silage into the pile at our farm
Jack checks out the silage. The tractor pushes & packs the silage into the pile
This calf relaxes in the sun while the tractors pack the silage pile
Visitors take a wagon ride and watch the corn harvest
Visitors load the wagon and Chugga Chugga Moo Moo train to see the farm
These two cows hang out in the milking parlor waiting to greet visitors
Two visitors say hello to this friendly milk cow
My dad, Tony, answers visitor's questions while they check out the calves
Kids driving pedal tractors while one of our farm cats, Diane, gets in on the action
Taking a ride on the Chugga Chugga Moo Moo train
Lad and Jack take a break to pet Diane
Jack and his buddy socialize with the calves
Garrett builds a fancy barn at the "Build a Farm" station during our Open House
Garrett, Lad and Jack at the Open House
Garrett, Lad, Duane (Lad's father) and Jack take a break around the bonfire
The corn harvest and our Open House events require help from family, friends and neighbors. We really appreciate everyone's support!


  1. Great photos! Are you entering the Farm Bureau photo contest? You always have such a great story to tell with your images!

    1. I appreciate your message. Yes, I plan on entering photos in the AFBF contest. I love taking photos on our farm and enjoy sharing them!


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