Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Harvest is Complete!

Last week I posted photos of the first days of corn harvest on our farm. After about one week of very long days for the chopping crew, our corn harvest finished on Saturday. We've experienced some warm days here in Northeast Ohio. Last week there were a few days it reached 80 degrees. It was like summer! We got lucky with the weather this year. Here are more images of the harvest. . . .

Chopping corn in the field
When the trailer is full, the tractor will deliver the silage to the pile
Another view of the chopping
Traveling by the freestall barn to deliver the silage to pile
Unloading the silage
The tractors push the silage onto the pile and pack it down
The chopper waiting for the next tractor & trailer
Here comes the trailer, it gets into position
Jack pets a favorite calf with the growing silage pile in the background
The calves are not bothered by all the activity around the silage pile
Lad takes a break to have a chat with Jack
The silage pile is covered with tarp and tires to preserve the quality of this feed

After watching the corn develop from the time it was planted in May through the summer growing season to harvest time in the fall, it's a great feeling to see the corn silage in a pile at the farm. . .

The corn emerging out of the soil back on June 4th
The crop progressing well on June 28th
Measuring the corn against Garrett on July 14th
While taking some photos of the harvest, I couldn't resist getting some pictures of our heifers in the pasture in front of our farm. . .
The heifers look so pretty on this warm fall day
Animal nutrition is key and we strive to provide our herd with a quality diet. The heifers and cows on our farm will benefit from this good quality corn silage. It's an important ingredient in their diet.

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