Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dairy Farms Depend on the Community

The number of dairy farm are few, but their impact is felt throughout the community. Dairy farms like ours require a network of people, services and products to operate. As we get into the holiday season and winter, I give extra thought to all the people we count on at our farm.

The most important individuals we rely on are staff. We are fortunate to employ a great group of people dedicated to caring for animals daily.

Our farm operates 24 hours/day 365 days/year. In addition to the staff, we depend on a variety of regular services. The milk hauler comes daily to pick up our milk and deliver it to the processor. If milking equipment breaks down, day or night, we rely on people to come repair it.

We depend on local businesses to provide sand and sawdust bedding to keep our cows comfortable, breeding supplies, cattle feed, fuel, trucks to haul products, seed to grow crops, medical supplies, parts for repairs, sanitizers for cleaning, teat dip, utilities, and many other dairy supplies. The majority of these items are purchased locally.

Our cows require a variety of services on a regular basis including hoof trimming, veterinary services, a nutritionist, milk testing, daily milk hauling, trash removal and regular maintenance and repair on equipment and facilities. Like other types of businesses, we work with local companies to provide banking, insurance, and accounting services.

When a dairy farm spends money locally, it creates a multiplier effect. The U.S. dairy industry is estimated at $140 billion in economic output, $29 billion in household earnings, and more than 900,000 jobs (based on economic analysis of direct and indirect economic impact of U.S. dairy from farm through processing).

Over the course of the year, we depend on over 100 companies for products and services. Dairy farms have a positive impact on the local economy!


  1. Sadly the number of dairy farms are shrinking. My Mom's side of the family had run a dairy for over 100 years. My uncle just sold the herd a couple of months ago. It was a really sad day. Glad to see you guys going strong!

    1. It is sad to see the number of dairy farms shrinking around the country. Dairy farms, including ours, have a variety of challenges. It's been especially difficult the last few years due to very high feed prices. Thank you for your support!


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