Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Why I’m a Farm Bureau Member?

Last week I participated in the 95th Ohio Farm Bureau annual meeting in Columbus with 345 other voting delegates representing 201,000 members statewide.

Geauga County Delegates: Me, Gene, Bob & Dave
General Session at the 95th Ohio Farm Bureau Annual Meeting
As I participated in this event, I was reminded of the reasons I value being a Farm Bureau member.

My involvement in Farm Bureau began when I was Junior in high school. I grew up in Tulare, California where I participated in the local Farm Bureau’s Youth Leadership program. After graduating from college, I returned to my hometown where I became involved in the Farm Bureau Agriculture Education Committee. This involvement continued until Lad and I moved to Ohio.

Within weeks of arriving in Ohio nine years ago, a Farm Bureau member arrived at our farm to talk with me about joining Farm Bureau. I was happy to join. A few years later, I was asked to run for the county board. Now I’m serving in my 6th year as a board member.

Why am I a Farm Bureau member?
PeopleI’ve meet some great and inspirational people at Farm Bureau events. Being involved at the local and state level has provided the opportunity to meet people from around the state who share my interests in agriculture.

Policy - Farm Bureau does a good job representing my interests as a farmer and resident of a rural community. Policy adopted in Columbus and Washington D.C. impacts my family and farm. It’s important for agriculture to have a voice shaping policy.  

Promote - I believe it’s important to promote the benefits of a strong agriculture economy in my community and state. Healthy and plentiful food choices are good for everyone! Farm Bureau staff and volunteers work tirelessly to preserve a strong agriculture presence.

Protect – Protecting food production makes it possible for farms and rural communities to thrive. Farm Bureau provides support in navigating farm regulations and works to ensure these rules don’t become overly burdensome. I appreciate how Farm Bureau works to bring all Ohio agriculture organizations together to collaborate on projects that are important to all farmers.

Partnership - It’s vital for farmers to engage with consumers who have questions about food and farming. I like Farm Bureau's mission; to forge a partnership between farmers and consumers.

I’m proud to be a Farm Bureau member. Thank you to Farm Bureau staff and fellow volunteers for everything you do to help agriculture thrive in Ohio!


Farm Bureau is a national organization with members all over the U.S. Check out this post from The Farmer's Wife, a fellow blogger from Washington. She writes about why she fell in love with the Farm Bureau.

For more about the OFBF Annual Meeting, check out:


  1. Thanks for sharing! I had no idea that you shared my blog as part of yours! I love your page & just went here really quick to get a link to something your wrote for someone that is considering giving up dairy! hehe Keep up the great work!!!

    1. Thanks! I really like your post today about calves. You do a wonderful job with your blog and I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future!

    2. Thank you! Just recently started with the blog. I have so much to say & so little time! :)

    3. I understand! Keep up the great work!


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