Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Visit to PA Farmstead Milk Processing Dairies

Lad and I recently had the opportunity to visit a few dairy farmers who operate Farmstead milk processing facilities, which means they process the milk from their cows on their farm.

Most dairy farmers ship raw milk to a processor who turns it into a finished product like cheese, ice cream or yogurt. A small percent of dairy farmers have processing facilities on their farm where they can process milk into a finished product ready for retail sale.

Purchasing food locally and knowing who produced it continues to be a strong trend. We wanted to visit some dairy farms who process their own products to see how it's done.

Brunton Dairy, located in Aliquippa, PA, is a family farm that dates back to 1832. This dairy farm and milk processing facility is owned and operated by family members. 

This sign let us know we arrived at Brunton's farm
Herb Brunton talks with my husband, Lad, in the barn at Brunton Dairy
The milk case at the Brunton Dairy on-farm store
Brunton's delivers milk to your door; these trucks hit the road 6 days a week to make deliveries

Windy Ridge Dairy, located in Fombell, PA, is a family owned and operated Jersey dairy. They milk cows, grow crops, process their own milk, ice cream and natural tea and operate an on-farm store.

Windy Ridge Dairy is home to the Fisher family and their beautiful Jersey cows
Chris Fisher in front of her on-farm milk processing plant
Their store sells milk, ice cream, and tea made on the farm along with other products
These families work hard to care for their cows and make dairy products many families in Pennsylvania enjoy. If you are in the Pittsburgh area, I encourage you to visit these dairy farms to buy some milk, ice cream and other delicious dairy products.

We also stopped by Baker's Golden Dairy to purchase some of their milk to sample. They are one of the only dairy farms in Ohio that bottle their own milk on-farm. Baker's offer a variety of milk flavors. The cookies and cream and banana were my favorites.

 This is a sampling of what we brought home. . . .

Good stuff!


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  1. I am a raw milk drinker and have been since I was a little kid. I buy raw milk at a farm in PA that is straight from the cow. No processing of any kind. just straight raw milk. It tastes wonderful and is good for you as far as I am concerned.

    Chester Ice


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