Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Winter on the Farm

We're expecting high temperatures to reach 3 degrees today with lows below zero. With windchill, temperatures will be below zero all day. It's been a very cold and snowy winter so far. Regardless of the temperature outside, it’s business as usual here at the farm. I took these images last weekend, when temperatures were in the 20's. We've experienced below zero temps the last two days.

Our farm from the road

A tractor at work on this chilly day
Beautiful sun shinning on the snow covered milking parlor 
The open vent in the roof lets a little snow into the barn
The content cows continue their normal activity - they love to eat!
This cow is getting ready to lay down on her soft, dry bed
The cows stroll at their own pace from the milking parlor to their barn
The calves peak out of their cozy house to enjoy the sun
These calves are protected from the weather in their barn
My Dad, a native Californian, is getting used to Midwestern winters
Ricardo heading out to take care of the calves
Lad busy at the farm
The same activities take place daily regardless of the weather
A straw delivery; we use straw in calf and cow pens to keep animals comfortable
Me taking a selfie
Snow covered trucks at the farm
Here in the snowbelt, just east of Cleveland, we experience high volumes of lake effect snow during winter months. Caring for the animals is a top priority everyday. Some of the extra steps we take in the winter include; keeping barn doors and curtains closed to keep cold wind and snow out and making sure the animals have enough bedding to stay warm and dry. It's important to keep calves and cows protected and comfortable on cold winter days. 

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