Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Bright Side of Winter

Winter in Northeast Ohio is cold, snowy and sometimes seems to go on too long! There are some brights sides to the winter season. This time of year brings activities my sons enjoy.

It's fun to play in the snow. . . 
Jack buried Garrett in the snow
My boys
 The boys like playing recreation league basketball. . .
My son, Garrett, is on the Berkshire Badgers 5th & 6th grade team

Garrett shooting a free throw
Go Badgers! (Garrett is #13)
Jack (the redhead in the middle) plays on the Berkshire 1st & 2nd grade team

Garrett looks forward to the Burton Library Chess Tournament every February. . .
Garrett (on the right) placed third in the Chess Tournament

Playing air hockey in the basement. . .
This is a great snowy day activity!

Our weekends are busy with these activities, which makes the winter go by a little faster!


  1. Is that your house in the background or a hotel?


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