Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Farmland: The Movie

Today is Earth Day, a day to reflect on our impact on the environment around us. Farmers are caretakers of many acres of land in this country, so its appropriate to focus on farmers during Earth Day. Are you interested in learning more about how farmers care for their land and animals? If so, watch Farmland: The Movie.

I recently had the opportunity to watch Farmland: The Movie. This documentary follows six young farmers and their families exposing the joys and challenges of production agriculture. It was good to see the diversity of the farmers featured; small, large, conventional and organic and from all corners of the U.S.
As I watched, I found myself relating to these farm families when they spoke about the risks farmers face, how dependent we are on the weather, that it’s necessary to work long hours to get crops into the ground, and the commitment we have to animal care. It displayed how generations of family members are involved in the farm. And how we in production agriculture are at the mercy of factors beyond our control; the weather, the price paid for our finished product, input costs and government policy/regulations.

One scene that particularly moved me was during Christmas when a little boy opened his present, a toy combine. He was thrilled to have a piece of equipment like Dad uses. This young man dreams of becoming a farmer. The father of this boy shared his hopes and reservations about his son entering production agriculture. This experienced farmer has seen good times and bad. He’s seen some years of profitability and times when he almost lost everything. That’s the reality of farming.

As a dairy farmer’s daughter with children who may become dairy farmers someday, I can relate to the mixed emotions parents feel when thinking about their children following in their footsteps. On one hand, there are rewards and satisfaction with this occupation and lifestyle. On the other hand, there is a lot of risk, long hours, and many challenges. 

This film accurately portrays farm families. If you’re looking for true stories about food production, I encourage you to watch this movie. It will be in select theaters May 1st. Soon after that, on DVD and Netflix.

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Check out another review of the movie "Farmland documentary shows the truth: Farming is not easy" written by Susan Crowell, Editor, Farm & Dairy Newspaper.


  1. As I haven't seen this film yet, can you tell me if topics include farmer's commitment to caring for the land, to conservation, protecting soil and water resources and being good stewards of the land? I'm hoping it's 'in there,' but hope you can confirm. Thanks for any feedback you can provide! I work for USDA's NRCS and hope the film covers all the great things I know farmers do for the land they love.

    1. The movie captures how farm families care for land and animals, but I don't think it gets into specifics about soil & water management. It provides more of a big picture regarding the many factors farmers deal with. When you watch it, you may have a different take on it. I encourage you to check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks!


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