Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Is Milk Safe? How do I Know it’s Free of Antibiotics?

Did you know none of the milk in the grocery store, conventional or organic, contains antibiotics? Regardless if milk is labeled as being free of antibiotics or not. All milk is tested for antibiotics and discarded if it tests positive. Of the 3.19 million loads of raw milk delivered to processing plants across the country in 2013, only 445, or 0.014%, tested positive for antibiotics. This milk was dumped and never reached the grocery store shelf.
In this video, I share how dairy farmers keep antibiotics out of milk;

In my experience, milk safety and quality systems in the U.S. work. Milk quality begins at the farm, but is carried through all the people responsible along the way including the person who hauls milk from the farm to the processor and the processor who prepares the product for retail sale.
Here’s what fellow dairy farmers, a veterinarian and a dietician have to say about milk safety;
Milk Testing…If it’s not perfect, we pitch it! By Shannon Siefert, Minnesota Dairy Farmer
"I bet you didn't know that each dairy farmer is required to keep ANY cows treated with antibiotics separate from the other cows that are not treated with antibiotics. The milk from all treat cows is usually disposed of and does not enter the human food supply. If it's not perfect, we pitch it, every time, everyday!"
Antibiotics in my Milk? by Dairy Moos Blog, California Dairy Farmer
"I can say confidently that there are no antibiotics in any milk because it’s illegal for antibiotics to be in the milk."
Cows, Antibiotics, and You by Will Gilmer, Alabama Dairy Farmer
"When antibiotics are deemed necessary for the sake of an animal's health, we have a process that allows us to help the cow while protecting the safety and integrity of the milk that leaves our farm."

Veterinarians, Farmers Have Shared Goal of Producing Safe Milk Supply
From coast to coast, dairy veterinarians around the nation feel similarly about using antibiotics responsibly. Chick here to watch how veterinarian, Dr. Richard Veeman, cares for cows in Oregon. 
Food for Thought – A Perpetual Post by Melissa Joy Dobbinson, Registered Dietitian
Click here for a great resource that shares brief videos with answers to common questions about milk safety. 
I want to assure you U.S. dairy products are safe. They are among the most highly regulated and tested products on the store shelf today. You can feel good about serving milk and dairy products to your family!

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