Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Great American Milk Drive - Getting Milk to Families in Need

Milk is in short supply at America’s food banks. While milk is one of the top nutritious items requested by food bank clients, it’s rarely donated due to its perishable nature. To fill this void, dairy farmers and dairy processors launched The Great American Milk Drive in partnership with Feeding America

The mission is simple; donate as little as $5 to buy a gallon of milk for your local food bank. Donations stay local. When you donate, you enter your zip code so your donation will go to a food bank in your community.

One in 6 Americans face hunger. Many rely on food banks for nutrition assistance, including more than 12 million families. Families in your community need access to healthy food. These families are missing out on the important nutrients found in milk.

It’s easy to donate by clicking on http://milklife.com/give or text “Milk” to 27722.

Donations can be tracked by state using the Donation Tracker to see how many gallons of milk have been donated in each state.

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  1. Milk is not only in short supply at America’s food banks but also throughout the world. Dairy farmers can fulfill this demand. Thanks for the post.


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