Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dry Spring Days = Perfect Farming Conditions

The last week has been dry and warm which is great weather for farming. This spring has been wet in Northeast Ohio, so there hasn’t been much field work happening until about a week ago.

When the weather provides a window of opportunity, it’s necessary to spend longer hours than normal at the farm. Over the last week, many hours have been spent mowing & raking rye grass, hauling manure, plowing, disking, cultimulching, repairing equipment, and planting corn.

Taylor rakes rye grass that will be baled and fed to the cows and heifers
Lad plowing where the rye grass was harvested
Jack checking the mounds of freshly plowed soil
Plowing another field
My boys, Jack and Garrett, playing in the grass lining the fields

Josue disking
Lad, Taylor and Josue repairing the disk
Jack watches the men work
The disk is fixed and back in the field

Taylor cultimulching
The cultimulcher is a finishing tool used just prior to planting
Thanks to fellow motorists who are understanding of farm equipment on the road
Lad planting our first field of corn for the season!
Lad and Jack check for the corn seed as my Dad waits for the report

Lad measures the depth the corn seeds being planted
Planting corn
My dedicated, hard working husband Lad

Thanks to Taylor, Josue and Dave who work long hours daily to make sure the crops get in the ground. Also to my dad, Tony, who helps keep all the equipment working. Growing good crops is vital to provide our cows with the feed they need to thrive.

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  1. So good to see a family showing their kids what hard work is. You just don't see that much of that these days. I wonder if your kids will grow up to want their own farms one day. I can imagine they would as they know what hard work and dedication gets.
    Great job parenting those young men!

    Heidi Sutton @ Ag Source Magazine


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