Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May Activities: 4-H, Lake Erie & the Farm

The first weeks of May have been full of activity. As I shared in my last two blogs, we’ve been busy constructing an on-farm creamery and preparing the farm for dairy tour season. We also have two boys that are involved in a variety of activities.

My oldest son, Garrett, and I participated in Ohio 4-H Dairy Palooza with the Geauga Dairymen 4-H Club. . .
Members of the Geauga Dairymen 4-H Club (Garrett is in the gray sweatshirt)
Dairy 4-H members learn about reproduction and breeding
They made ice cream using liquid nitrigen
Geauga Dairymen (Garrett is in the top row on the right)
My husband, Lad, and son, Garrett, enjoy some downtime with a bonfire in the yard. . .

On Mother's Day, my sons and I visited Mentor Lagoons Nature Preserve on Lake Erie. . .
Jack and Garrett walking on the trail to the lake
Exploring the beach
Crazy boys!
Relaxing by the lake

The boys help prepare for tour season and test the playground equipment at the dairy. . .

Jack testing the tractor and corn planter
Garrett and Jack on the tire mountain in front of the milking parlor
Tough Jack
Garrett mowing the parking lot preparing for our visitors this week
Jack with farm cat Peaches

I hope to be sharing pictures of field work soon! Northeast Ohio has experienced lots of rain in recent weeks. It’s been too wet to get into the fields to prepare for planting crops. I’m looking forward to some dry weather this week.

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