Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Creation of our On-Farm Creamery

We’re in the process of building and equipping an on-farm creamery to bottle milk from our cows for retail sale. There is an interested in purchasing products directly from the farmers who produce them. Our creamery will allow people to purchase fresh milk from a local farm.

We will produce small batches of non-homogenized, whole milk in white and flavors. The creamery is located just steps away from where the cows are milked. You can’t get any fresher than that! Very few dairy farms in Ohio, or across the country, make products on-farm for retail sale. We’re excited about this new adventure!

We remodeled a portion of office space in the barn for the processing room. Here are some pictures from the construction of the Creamery which started in February. . .

The office space before becoming a Creamery
A local Amish family remodeled this space
The room with it's new ceiling
Me in the Creamery after the walls were complete
Experts from Burton Carpet carefully install the tile floor
Preparing the concrete mix for the Creamery floor

The tile floor during installation
The 250 gallon vat pasteurizer being delivered
Lad moved it with the loader while I watched nervously
Lad moved the pasteurizer onto the front porch with the skid steer
Moving the vat pasteurizer into it's new home
Discussing the next steps to installing equipment in the Creamery

We plan to sell milk at the farm, at local retail outlets and restaurants. We hope to be producing milk for sale by mid-June. For updates, check this blog or the Hastings Dairy Facebook page.

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