Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What's Happening on the Farm?

We been experiencing beautiful weather all week. The sunshine allowed lots of field work and corn planting. It's a great start to June Dairy Month! In honor of celebrating dairy, here's a glimpse of what's happening at the farm. . .

The calves come to greet me when I enter their pen
Heifers relax in their open air barn
Content cows
A newborn calf with her mom in the maternity pen
The milk truck taking milk to the processing plant where it will become cheese
Fixing a tractor; busy field work = equipment repairs & flat tires
I love this picture of my husband, Lad, & sons, Jack and Garrett
Filling the planter with corn seed
Heading out to the field to continue corn planting
The vat pasteurizer; equipment installation continues in the new milk processing plant
A group of Kindergartners had fun at the farm during their tour
There is lots of activity at the farm. It's busy but rewarding. Help us celebrate June Dairy Month by enjoying delicious dairy products!

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