Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Butter is the Best!

Butter is the real deal. You can't beat the taste of real butter for cooking and baking. It's a very simple food, the ingredient in butter is cream (and sometimes salt). It's real food. Maybe that's why butter consumption has increased across the country.

Butter has received lots of attention lately, check out these articles featuring the delicious golden gem:
Ending the War on Fat, Time Magazine
This article substantiates the fact that whole milk and butter is good for you.

“Changing views of nutrition are turning butter into one of the great comeback stories in U.S. food history. Humans have been eating butter for millennia, valuing its ability to store longer than most meat and its utility as a flavoring.” 

7 Reasons Why Butter is Good For You, Authority Nutrition  
This article lists the attributes of butter including some of its health benefits.

Speaking of butter, tomorrow is the first day of the Ohio State Fair where the famous butter cow display will be revealed. The American Dairy Association Mideast, an organization supported by Ohio dairy farmers, has done a butter cow display since 1903. For many, a highlight of the fair is seeing what unique display will be carved out of butter each year. 
The Butter Cow display at the 2014 Ohio State Fair

This year there was a contest to name the butter cow and calf. Submissions were made via Twitter using the hashtag #ButterCowNameGame. The winning names are Scarlet for the cow, and Grayce for the calf. For those not from Ohio, scarlet and gray are The Ohio State University colors.

The 2014 display features symbols of Ohio

The cow and calf watch over the display

The stars of the display Grayce and Scarlet
If you are going the Ohio State Fair, be sure to visit the butter cow display, take a selfie and tweet it with the hashtag #ButterCowSelfieContest. This year’s display features 15 symbols representing the history, character and spirit of Ohio, including a carnation, cardinal, whitetail deer, and tomato among others. This display was created using 2,033 pounds of butter.

In addition to this wonderful butter display, the American Dairy Association Mideast building offers ice cream, streams dairy farmer videos, has an Ag Is Cool Station for kids and more. It’s worth your time to stop in.

Click here to see a video featuring the butter cow display.

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