Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summertime on the Farm

My family is having an active summer. It's been cooler than normal, which the cows like. My sons have been busy working with the animals they'll show at the County Fair at the end of August. We've had lots of cows calving this summer, so the boys like to check the maternity pen to see if any cows are getting ready to calve.

Here are some images of from our farm over the last few weeks. . . .
Garrett, Jack and Lad have a chat
A favorite cow, Chumey, with Jack
Curious cows take a drink after being milked
Lad spraying flies in the barn
A great grandma cow, she's 12 years-old and doing well in the herd!
There have been lots of births at the farm over the last few months.
Jack with his calf, Daisy
Jack shows Daisy to Grandma Pat
Garrett working with Lucy, one of the heifers he will show at the Fair in a few weeks
My parents, Tony and Carolyn, with Jack, Garrett and Lilly
Jack with farm kitty Sophie
The boys help me measure our growing corn

Garrett in our Sudan grass crop
My family enjoys showing visitors around the farm

The boys found a turtle, frogs, and tadpoles in the pond on our farm
We had some fun off the farm too. . . .
The boys on the Chagrin River
Fun at the water park
We love going to Lake Erie!
It's hard to believe school will be starting soon and fall is around the corner. We're savoring every moment of summer!

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