Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The County Fair – Generations of Showing Cattle

This week is The Great Geauga County Fair. My sons will be exhibiting some dairy heifers at the fair. They look forward to the fair every year, just like I did when I was younger. It takes hard work to get the animals ready, but it’s all worth it to show them off and spend the week at the fair!

Our families have been showing dairy cattle at the county fair for generations. . . .

Me showing at the Tulare County Fair in 1982
My husband, Lad, at the Wayne County Fair
My mom, Carolyn, with Judy who was Jr Champion Guernsey at the Sacramento Co. Fair
My dad, Tony, (3rd from right) showing with Riverdale FFA
Lad's mom, Pat, won 1st in Showmanship with Peppy in August 1962
Lad's dad, Duane, with Comet who was Jr Champion at Wayne County Fair in 1954
My sons are carrying on the family tradition. Check back a week or two to see pictures and results from the fair.

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