Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fall Harvest is Underway!

It's extra busy at the farm this week because we're harvesting corn for silage. The cows at our farm love corn silage, which is a fermented forage that includes the entire corn plant from stock to ear. The silage we put up in October, will be an ingredient in our cows diet over the next year.

I captured these images over the last few days. . .
Chopping corn on a beautiful fall afternoon
The chopper blows the corn into the trailer
The truck follows the chopper around the field
The chopped corn is delivered to our farm then dumped into a pile
This pack tractor pushes the corn silage up the pile
Once all the corn silage is in a pile, it will be covered with tarp and tires
Corn silage is the entire corn plant all chopped up
Jack checks an ear of corn in the partially harvested field
Garrett hides in the corn
The boys picked some corn stalks out of the field
We're displaying the corn stalks and cobs on our front porch
Corn chopping frequently goes into the night - we've got to chop during dry weather
During harvest, large trucks and tractors with wagons make many trips from the fields to our farm delivering the chopped corn. Thank you to our neighbors and community for being patient with our slow moving vehicles on the road. This feed provides nutrients to our cows which enables them to make milk to supply you with the dairy products you enjoy.

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