Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Top 5 Reasons Starbucks and other Restaurants should Embrace Traditional Dairy

Why is Starbucks considering serving only organic milk in their restaurants? I would like to share with Starbucks, and all restaurants considering going only organic, the top 5 reasons to embrace traditional dairy.

1. Milk Quality – All milk, organic and traditional, meet the same quality standards and naturally contain the same nutrients. All milk must be tested free of antibiotic and pesticide residue before it gets to the store shelf. All dairy farms are inspected and required to follow the same guidelines to ensure a wholesome product.

2. Sustain Family Farmers – The majority of dairy farms (about 98%) are owned and operated by families. The perception that many dairy farms are “factory farms” under the control of corporations or “big ag” is false. When you purchase dairy products, organic or traditional, you are helping to sustain family farmers.
Generations on the farm - my parents and my sons
My son, Jack, with one of our favorite cows

3. Support Content Cows – Dairy farmers love their cows. Our priority as dairy farmers is caring for cows to keep them content and healthy. Irrespective of farm size, production method, housing preference, and specific feed ingredients. There is more than one way to successfully keep cows comfortable and happy. 

Our content cows in their barn
Healthy, curious calves in their pen

4. Price & Value – Traditionally produced dairy products are an exceptional value and less expensive than their organic counterparts.

5. Consumer Choice – People should have a choice. When you go to a restaurant or the grocery store, you should be able to choose the products you want. That choice shouldn’t be taken away because of a small, loud, radical minority.

Read what others are saying about this topic. I’ve pulled a quote from each, but you can click on the title for a link to the full post:

Dear Starbucks: Please Don't Cave to #OrganicMilkNext by Nurse Loves Farmer Blog
"The agriculture world needs the diversity of various farming methods, it's not "one-size fits all" farming. Enjoy your choices and I'll enjoy mine--just don't try to take them away." 

“The truth is that there are no quality differences to distinguish organic milk from milk produced from a regular dairy herd. Also, using "organic" as a measuring stick of milk quality or cow quality is not accurate by any means. The size and type of the farm has little relevancy in comparison to how the farmers and their employees do their jobs."

Why I'm Not Converting the Farm to Organic Production by Andrew Campbell

“Despite the continued mind-numbing objection to genetically modified crops, fact after fact (including the latest that 100 billion animals fed GMOs over 30 years showed zero difference to those fed non-GMO grains) points to technology benefiting more than just the definition of our television or the quality of life through medical breakthroughs.”

American Society of Animal Science Issues Statement in Support of Conventional Milk
“There is no scientific basis for Starbucks to stop using conventional milk. The U.S. milk supply is safe, wholesome and nutritious. That remains true nearly two decades after the introduction of genetically engineered (GE) crops in 1996. Furthermore, it has been repeatedly shown that feed crops of biotech origin do not compromise the health, well-being and ability of food-producing animals to contribute to a safe, plentiful food supply.”

Consumers are mislead about organic safety by John Block
“Organic foods are four to eight times more likely to be recalled than conventional foods for safety issues like bacterial contamination. In short, the federal government is strict about science, labeling and claims for all industries except one. The marketers of organic food are allowed to make scientifically false and misleading claims about the safety and wholesomeness of conventional food, while their products are increasingly likely to be recalled for safety reasons.”

I ask you to support the cows on our dairy farm by consuming traditional dairy products.


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    1. Thanks Sarah. I really like your blog and appreciate what you're doing to share the true story of agriculture!

  2. I like to see stuff like this! It's a shame that no one understands agriculture like we do. Keep it up!


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