Tuesday, November 18, 2014

First Snow of the Winter

We live in the snowbelt of Northeast Ohio, so expect cold and snowy winters. The question isn't if snow will come, it's when and how much. As a native Californian, I always hope for short and mild winters. We recently had the first snow of the season leaving us about a foot of snow on the ground.

Here are some images from the farm. . .

The snow covered milking parlor building
Icicles in mid-November!
Everyone is bundled up
The daily chores go on snow, rain or shine
The snow covered milk tank
My handsome husband, Lad

The animals are protected from the elements. . .

Keeping cozy in a straw bed in the maternity pen
These cows happily chew their cud while being milked
The calves don't know how cold it is outside
The curtains in the barn block cold wind and snow

The snow creates new recreation opportunities, especially for children. . .

My sons enjoy some sledding

Ready or not, winter is here. On the bright side, a snow-covered landscape is beautiful.


  1. Not quite so much snow here in central Iowa, but your photos remind me of "snow daze" on the farm when I was a kid. This blog explains the "pre-digital era" activities we did on a snowbound farm. http://cast-science.blogspot.com/2013/01/farm-kids-on-snowbound-daysthe-cabin.html


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