Friday, December 19, 2014

A Look Back at 2014 on the Farm

As 2014 comes to an end, I'd like to reflect on the milestones, activities, and day-to-day farm happenings by reviewing pictures I captured throughout the year.

The Polar Vortex: The year started with one of the coldest winter's we've experienced.
The snow-covered barn
Lad breaks up ice in the cow's frozen water trough
The hearty cows brave the cold winter
My Dad, Tony, working at the snow-covered farm

Cows: These bovine beauties are the stars of the farm.
Inquisitive cows
Taylor with Lorena #6616
Heifers relaxing in their clean, dry barn
Andres follows the cows to the milking parlor
"I'm done milking, now I'm going to stand here and watch the activity"
Strolling from the milking parlor to the barn
Thirsty cows get a drink after milking
Josue with friendly Penolepe
Jack brushes Kissy Foot, she loves the attention!
A selfie with me and Chumey
Mom and calf in the maternity pen
Henry the barn cat likes visiting with the calves
A favorite spot on the farm, the calf pen
Marco delivers milk to the calves
The newborn heifer calf of 4-H animal, Flo

Farming & Harvest: The farming season started off with some challenges. The rye grass seeds planted in fall 2013 did not emerge from the ground in 2014 due to the extremely cold winter. We had a late spring, but were able to get all the crops in the ground.
The men check to see if our "new" used corn planter dropped the seed
Lad planting corn on a sunny spring day
Fall corn harvest
Jack checks an ear of corn in a partially harvested field

Summer & the County Fair: This is a busy and fun time with our boys at the farm.
The boys found a turtle in the farm pond
Boys being boys
Jack with farm kitty, Ted
Garrett's 4-H heifer, Lucy, and Jack connect
Brushing the heifers to getting them ready for the County Fair
Jack relaxes with his heifer, Daisy, at the Fair
Jack showing for the first time
Garrett with his Reserve Junior Champion heifer, Vanessa

Tours: We have fun showing off the beautiful cows and calves at our farm.
Garrett, me and Jack waiting for a tour group to arrive
This friendly calf likes one of our young visitors
Two ladies with the Leadership Geauga Youth Group pet one of the cows
The wagon ride stops in the barn
Jack pretends to drive the barrel train

Rowdy Cow Creamery: Construction began on a new venture at our farm. Our new on-farm milk bottling plant will open for business in spring 2015.
The vat pasteurizer is delivered
Moving the bottle filler into the creamery
The creamery is almost complete

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

Garrett, Lad, Brenda, & Jack


  1. What a great year!! It looks very similar to our family farm. Always nice to see my chaotic farm life and family is "normal".

  2. Those are some fantastic pictures and it looks like you made some great memories. You have a beautiful group of cows too. I have always lived in a warm climate and have always been a little envious of people who get snow. But whenever I have been to a cold climates, I could only stand it for a few days.

    Heidi Sutton @ Ag Source Magazine


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