Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It’s Christmas Time in Burton, Ohio

While my son, Jack, and I visited Hill Hardware last Saturday morning, we had the pleasure of hearing a group of Christmas carolers who were going from business to business downtown spreading cheer. It was a reminder of how lucky we are to live in Burton, Ohio.

In our quaint small town, Christmas wreaths line the downtown street. The town oval, featuring an old-fashion log cabin, is decorated for the holidays.

Burton Oval decorated for the Holidays

Last week I did some Christmas shopping in downtown Burton. It’s a wonderful place to find unique gifts. The town is lined with small businesses where you’ll often find the store owner behind the counter greeting you as you walk in the door.  

I frequent Coffee Corners which offers an assortment of home baked goodies, coffee and antiques. I love the muffins they make fresh every morning.

One of my favorite places to find items for my home is Off Center. They have a creative knack to repurposed furniture and other items into beautiful home décor. 

I went into Hansel's Locally Blown Glass, which is owned by a talented husband and wife team who make unique glass pieces and offer them for sale in their retail store. They have a variety of one-of-a-kind glass items that you won’t find anywhere else.

Hand-crafted items at Hansel's Locally Blown Glass
One of the newest retail stores in our community is Soul of the Rose. They offer gorgeous women’s jewelry, clothing and accessories. 

Original designs from Soul of the Rose

Just down the road, I stopped in at Buckeye Chocolate. They make delicious chocolate candy. It’s a treat to go into this shop because they always have lots of samples to try. 

An Ohio speciality, chocolate & peanut butter buckeyes

As a fellow small business in the community, I like to frequent shops in my town. I feel good purchasing from people who work hard using their talents to create something special. They contribute to making this town a neat place to live.

If you live in Northeast Ohio, I encourage you to visit downtown Burton to stop in at these and more unique, locally owned business.

My boys, Jack and Garrett, with our Christmas tree purchased down the road at North Corner Farm.  

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  1. We have a wonderful store in our small hometown called Smith Mercantile. I love going there during the holidays. It just fills me with the Christmas spirit and I could spend hours and lots of money enjoying the holiday goodies.


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